New Ways to Hang Art.

July 4, 2012

Another great article from Remodelista, 5 new ways to hang your artwork.


100 Days of Art – Day 10: Ponce by Jane Kortright.

July 2, 2012

Photographed with a pin-hole camera, Ponce by Jane Kortright, creates an etherial feel that seems to only exists in dreams. I love the contrast of the sharp in-focus tree roots and blurry, flowing dress.

100 Days of Art – Day 9: Refugees by Two Headed Beast.

June 29, 2012

Two Headed Beast is a collaboration of husband and wife team Chris and Mirna Stubbs.

When collaborating, Mirna and Chris try playing to each others strengths. Chris is very methodical and thrives in spending time on fine detail and concept. Mirna is more naive in her approach, creating through spontaneity and efficiency. Though their methods and disciplines are quite different, what motivates them to create twogether is their shared passion for using art as a way of telling stories, their wanting to express a shared idea through their collective skill sets, and their appreciation for each other.

100 Days of Art – Day 8: Snow Queen by Francisca Pageo.

June 27, 2012

Francisca Pageo’s work focuses on human psychology–people, pulsions, intuition, dreams, cotidianity and nature are all recurring themes. Of all her work on Tip Top, I think Snow Queen is my favorite. What’s yours?

Artwork for the Kitchen.

June 25, 2012

Great article from Remodelista about incorporating artwork in the kitchen.

100 Days of Art – Day 7: EFPTOZ by Jason Penrod.

June 22, 2012

EFPTOZ by Jason Penrod is pure americana, from the sturdy wooden door to the hanging, starched, doctor’s coats, each item seems to be dripping with tradition. I’ve always wondered what’s happening behind that door.

100 Days of Art – Day 6: Sunbathing by Beth Hoeckel.

June 20, 2012


In Sunbathing, by Beth Hoeckel, juxtaposition of collaged images creates a world where the very odd is viewed as just another day. You can see the other three images in the collection here.

100 Days of Art – Day 5: Untitled 1, from the “Color Berlin” Series by Matthias Heiderich.

June 18, 2012


A wonderfully graphic image with great color and composition, Untitled 1, from the “Color Berlin” Series by Matthias Heiderich could be mistaken for an illustration, but further review reveals detail of an actual object, captured with a great photographic eye.

A Series of Work From Our Newest and Featured Artist, Hayley Warnham

June 16, 2012

From our newest artist Hayley Warnham,  a collectable series of 3 images inspired by the unique shapes of regular polyhedrons, all created through a juxaposition of collaged shapes that create a three dimensional illusion within a two dimension space. Enjoy!

100 Days of Art – Day 4: We Are All One by Chris Stubbs.

June 16, 2012

In Chris Stubbs’s We Are All One, different animal textures come together to from this extremely detailed human form.

Here is a little more about Chris…

ARTIST STATEMENT: Growing up an only child with two working parents, I often had to entertain myself. Making art was always a means of escape, transcending me into a parallel universe of limitless possibility. Along the path of finding myself as an artist, the process of juxtaposition and collage really spoke to me. Mixing genre, media, techniques and technologies with no concern for rules allows me to try and understand the world by rearranging pieces of it. Taking subject matter from its familiar surroundings and reassembling it allows observers a surreal interpretation of a shared idea. The outcome can be both disturbing and delightful. My creations are just as much about self-discovery as they are amusement for the masses.