100 Days of Art – Day 1: Mystical Creature by Mirna Stubbs

This has always been one of my favorite pieces, mainly because just like all of Mirna’s work, I have never seen anything like it before. Charm, innocence and emotion all come together to form this fantastically colorful piece. Here’s a little more about Mirna…

ARTIST STATEMENT: Hello there. I was born in Tuzla, Bosnia where I lived until the war brought me to Berlin. Missing the comfort of my Home Land, I returned 5 years later only to find a home I did not recognize. Ultimately that is what brought me to the States in 1999. Here I realized that I could become the artist I always wanted to be. And so, I did. Although I’m far from reaching my potential and artistic dreams, I feel very lucky and proud to call myself an artist. Art has always been my comfort zone. I liked being “the girl that can draw” vs. “the foreign girl.” It is a universal language. A part of me never left the perfect pre-war childhood, so I still carry a childlike attitude in my drawings. My absolute dream come true would be creating visuals for an animation or movie, designing theater sets, and maybe… someday… opening a school where creativity is everything.


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