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INSPIRATION: Custom Art Frames

November 11, 2011

We found a great resource for custom sized art frames, great selection and prices, of course you’ll need some new art to fill those frames :).


Tip Top has a new featured artist, Jesse Draxler.

November 5, 2011

Here is his artist statement…

I’m most interested in materials and process: organizing chaos into unified forms, and conversely turning clean into chaos.

“Creating an image is like putting a puzzle together. I am always waiting for the moment when everything clicks and each element is in its place. This can take a very long time or a very short time; the duration of the process is completely irrelevant.”

Check out more of his work here.


A new benefit for Tip Top Gallery artists.

November 5, 2011

At Tip Top Gallery we know that our most important resource is our artists. Because of this, we want to resurrect an old artist tradition– trading work. Tip Top Gallery artists can now swap work with fellow Tip Top artists, basically trading a print for a print, and getting unbelievable deals on amazing artwork!

Check out the site for more info.