Free Art, Hint, Hint.

It’s Thursday, time for some hints about the hidden art. Remember, we are giving away two 8×10 original, limited edition, archival pigment prints every month at First Fridays in Kansas City’s Crossroads Art District. The only catch is you have to find them. Look for a brown mailing tube that says “Free Art”. The artwork will be placed outdoors, NOT in any stores, restaurants, or galleries.

LOCATION HINT #1: It’s a good sign if you brush up against Opie. Make sure to look down.

LOCATION HINT #2: Stair at 33w19.



2 Responses to “Free Art, Hint, Hint.”

  1. Eli Sebastian Brumbaugh Says:

    Hey there Tip-Top Gallery!

    I wanted to thank you guys for the free art!

    I found the tube w/ a really nice print numbered 2 of 100 by Jane Kortright titled “Ponce” in some bushes walking down the street.

    I found it the night of the opening so I apologize for not tracing it back to your site until now.

    Here are some pictures of the tube on my blogspot

    That tube design was really good. I almost felt bad opening her up.

    Thanks again!

    – Eli

    • mark morton Says:


      Thanks for replying and for posting on your blog. I’m glad to know it went to someone who will enjoy it! We’ll be giving away two new prints every First Friday in the Crossroads, check back for hints on where they’ll be hidden.

      -Mark Morton

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