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Tip Top Gallery has a new featured artist!

December 13, 2010

Samantha Lewis. This is one of many illustrations from the amazing Kansas City based artist. Check out her other work at Tip Top Gallery.


New work from Chris Stubbs

December 3, 2010

ARTIST STATEMENT: This piece is the result of wanting to experiment with photo collage.  I decided to reinterpret the tattoo I recently created for myself because the subject matter is something I’m passionate about, and capturing the comprised elements would be a fun challenge.

The title ‘Passage of Time’ represents stages we all take from life to death, from flowering to decay…and by we, I mean all living things that make up this world. Plants and animals from sky, land, and sea are represented… all coming to an apex where the lions come face to face with inevitability.  I left hands off the clock to make the message timeless.  The overall shape is of a tree, and the trunk is inspired by old grandfather clocks.  The exposed roots represent family on the micro, and universal connectivity on the macro.

Making the leap from collaging 2D b&w clip art to dimensional colorful photography was challenging due to angle and lighting, but rewarding when all was said and done.  I hope to do a series of these.