“We are all one” from Chris Stubbs.

The amount of detail in this piece blows me away!

Artist Statement: Growing up an only child with two working parents, I often had to entertain myself. Making art was always a means of escape, transcending me into a parallel universe of limitless possibility. Along the path of finding myself as an artist, the process of juxtaposition and collage really spoke to me. Mixing genre, media, techniques and technologies with no concern for rules allows me to try and understand the world by rearranging pieces of it. Taking subject matter from its familiar surroundings and reassembling it allows observers a surreal interpretation of a shared idea. The outcome can be both disturbing and delightful.  My creations are just as much about self-discovery as they are amusement for the masses.

See more of Chris’s work at Tip Top Gallery. Check out his blog Two Headed Beast.


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